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UPSC Prelims CSE Championship

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UPSC Prelims Test Championship

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All India UPSC Prelims Test Championship is to prove your mettle, win exciting prizes and self evaluate where you stand. Enroll Now for just 199/-

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UPSC Prelims Test Championship

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Be a Sikandar – your hard work combined with our tools will unlock a step towards your UPSC dream. Participate in UPSC CSE Prelims Championship! An exciting part of Mock Test Series for UPSC by PD Gurukul, it includes all the features that you need to excel:

Detailed Solutions

The tests come with detailed solutions to verify your answers as well as help you understand the method used to solve the particular question. These solutions can aid in rectifying the error and work on lacking topics.

Subject-wise questions

The tests are verified by the experts having more than a decade of experience in imparting knowledge for these competitive exams. The tests are structured to cover all the questions subject-wise and help the students to elevate their chances of scoring more in the final exam.

Quality Questions

At PD Gurukul, we put our years of knowledge and expertise in coaching as well as making the mock test paper that can help in covering all the topics of the exam.

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A very handy, easy to use and efficient app. It enhances the experience of PD Gurukul coaching classes. It is a well designed, one stop solution for all UPSC/GPSC and other exams’ preparation by P D Gurukul.
Love it, easy to use, test series are very helpful for practice
Test series and detail answers are really helpful.

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We are addressing a few queries below. But please feel to Call/WhatsApp or Email us if you have any more queries.

Is 199/- for all the Championship test?

No. 199/- is for one Championship Test only. You need to pay the entry fees again if you want to participate in another Championship Test. 

How May Championship tests are there?

For now we have 3 confirmed dates 26th, 29th May and 2nd June. We soon will release the dates and more information about the upcoming Championship Test dates.

Do I need to participate in all championship test to win?

No. All Championship Tests are single Test only, it means if you win one, you are a Sikandar and get 2000 INR Cash Prize.

Can I take the test at my own free time on the given date?

No. You have to make sure you start your Championship Test by 5:00 PM in order to finish on time. 

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