UPSC and IAS Coaching in Vadodara

Best UPSC and IAS Coaching in Vadodara

PD Gurukul is the best IAS Coaching in Vadodara. We also offer the best classes for UPSC Coaching in Vadodara. Year after year, Vadodara city has been seeing new IAS aspirants wanting to crack the most respected and competitive exam conducted in India. To help such aspirants, PD Gurukul is established as a reliable IAS and UPSC coaching in Vadodara to act as a guidance system for the aspirants who want to achieve high in their life. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation and provide quality working and study materials to help aspirants answer even the most difficult questions.


What Is UPSC Civil Services Examination?

Our UPSC Coaching in Vadodara helps you to in UPSC Civil Services Examination. To get into one of the most prestigious services in India, you have to pass the entrance test conducted by UPSC every year. It is an All-India level competitive exam and any candidate with necessary qualifications can apply for it.

For these civil services, a candidate must have the perseverance, strong communication skills, high memory power, excellent concentration, ability to plan, and strong commitment towards the goal. The civil services examinations test the candidates in all these attributes and the person who has it all will crack the exam easily.

Our team at PD Gurukul helps the candidates to elevate their skills and knowledge to have fruitful results at the end.

How to become an IAS or IPS Officer

Our IAS Coaching in Vadodara is the right place for you. You cannot become an IAS or IPS by studying overnight. It needs proper planning and years of studying and practice. UPSC, which conducts these exams, is a powerful entity selecting the worthy candidates all around the world.

The process to become an IAS or IPS officer

  • Keep up-to-date with UPSC notifications
  • Be aware of the exam syllabus, eligibility criteria, qualification, and other things
  • Search and remember important dates for application, last date of application, exam date, etc.
  • The next step is to apply for the exam in the official UPSC site
  • Study for the exam by constructive an effective study plan
  • Attend the prelims exam and clear it
  • Now apply for the mains exam in the online site of UPSC
  • Attend the mains exam and clear it
  • Perform your interview well
  • Ensure that you score as high as possible
  • Wait for the results and secure a good rank
  • You now became an IAS or IPS office


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    Is UPSC Coaching Needed To Crack UPSC CSE Exam?

    Attending UPSC coaching in Vadodara nurtures your skill, talent, and provides the right guidance and shows you the correct path in cracking the exams. Other benefits include:

    1. The abundant study material provided by the coaching centre
    2. Class notes provided by lecturers and teachers
    3. Constructive feedback received from faculty
    4. A monthly magazine consisting of all the current affairs of that month. All coaching institutions do this for training their aspirants
    5. Seminars, guest lectures, etc. by successful alumni and teachers to motivate the candidates.
    6. Inspirational seminars by retired IAS and IPS officers
    7. Giving accurate, unbiased, and honest feedback to candidates to help them improve
    8. Even the most difficult topics are explained in a simple, constructive format
    9. And many other personality building tips to help you tackle any difficult task when preparing for the examinations

    IAS Coaching Fee Structure in Vadodara – Our Fees are Affordable

    Finding quality IAS Coaching in Vadodara, Gujarat has become next to impossible. With many institutions sprouting up charging huge fees is difficult for all the aspirants to take IAS coaching. However, we take pride in saying that we are different. We believe that talent comes first and coaching is just honing that talent, and we charge exactly for that.

    As an efficient IAS, UPSC and GPSC Coaching in Vadodara, we primarily focus on recruiting the best teaching staff, providing quality study materials, beneficial test series, and mock tests. We aim to give proper and timely guidance to the aspirants and help them achieve their life-long goals. Our mission is to provide all these things at affordable and reasonable fees.

    PD Gurukul, as a reliable IAS, UPSC Coaching in Vadodara, concentrates on the critical self-assessment of the candidates. We help you to cover the immense syllabus of the IAS exam within the time you have. We formulate plans and ways to help you memorize the current affairs most effectively. With us, you can be sure that your money invested will not go to waste.


     Why Choose PD Gurukul for UPSC / IAS Coaching in Vadodara

    We provide GPSC, UPSC and IAS coaching classes guidance and knowledge to the most respected and competitive examinations in India. Accordingly, we ensure that all our faculty members, fee structure, guidance materials, test series are beneficial to the aspirants. We take every measure in helping the candidates to achieve their life ambition at the reasonable fees they can afford.

    1. Proficient faculty members: We have the best faculty who have the passion and the drive to help the candidates prepare for the most competitive exams. Our faculty is knowledgeable, skillful, compassionate, and friendly to mingle.
    2. Fair batch size: We don’t cram our coaching classes by filling with many candidates. Instead, we divide them into batches and maintain a fair number in each batch.
    3. Full study material: When you join our coaching institute, you can expect to have a complete study material on topic in the syllabus of IAS or IPS exam. You will get theoretical and practical material to help you prepare for any kind of topic in the syllabus.
    4. Complimentary guest lectures: We not only provide lectures by the routine staff but also motivate students by conducting guest lectures. We invite retired IAS officers, exam toppers, and other important members to tell their experience and provide intellectual guidance to the candidates.
    5. Free mock test series: We conduct free mock tests of the exams to help you face the real questions and exam patterns. We provide unbiased feedback on your performance and help you in improving to get better results.
    6. Right exam exposure: We find the hidden potential in every candidate by conducting test series, both prelims, and mains. We also conduct mock interviews to help the candidates by training them on their behaviour, body language, hand gestures, etc.

    Our Methodology

    At PD Gurukul, our teaching methodology has evolved over the years and we guarantee to help the candidates are at their best to be selected for the most honourable and respected positions.

    We cover both UPSC and GPSC: When you join us, we not only help you prepare for the UPSC but also GPSC, covering the syllabus for both. You don’t have to join another coaching academy for GPSC. For more information, you can contact us directly about the details.

    Study materials for both: With years of knowledge and practice, we prepared study materials covering both UPSC and GPSC.

    Separate faculty: We divide our staff in a way that both UPSC and GPSC syllabus are covered with no compromise on knowledge transfer and guidance.


    Why People from Gujarat come to IAS classes

    Vadodara is a mixture of people both from the creative side and logical side. Though the city is popular for its culture and heritage, many aspirants seek coaching centers as they are located in the city with easy access across all the main areas. PD Gurukul is one such academy in Vadodara enabling candidates to travel to and fro without much effort.

    Many aspirants love studying in Vadodara because they can deal with major constraints like shortage of time, mental pressure, abundant study material, low-confidence levels, etc. Our team at PD Gurukul focuses on these primary areas while also focusing on the mental health of the candidates. We enable every aspirant to develop their studying schedules basing on their study capacity, preferable time ranges, and respective lifestyles.

    How to Choose the Best UPSC and IAS Coaching in Vadodara?

    You, like every aspirant, must have a look around the city to choose the coaching center that fits your criteria. Do you want to join the morning or evening batch? Or are you looking for the coaching centers that have weekend batches? You need to do your research before selecting the institution that helps achieve your dreams.

    Listed are a few main points that you need to look out in every coaching center:

    • See the batch size

    Select the coaching center that permits only a limited number of aspirants per batch. It will help you in understanding the classes better. You will have a better interaction level with your lecturer and fellow candidates.

    • Talk to the alumni

    When you are confused about choosing an institution, talk to the alumni by gathering contacts or searching in social media. You can ask about the experience and the teaching standards at a particular institution.

    • Reviews help you better

    Check the official websites of the coaching institutions and study carefully about their teaching methodology and other instructions you need. You can also check on Google and other social media profiles to know more about the reviews.

    • Consistency in results

    One of the correct ways in choosing the best IAS and UPSC institution in Vadodara is by checking their past results. See if their results are consistent from the past five to six years. It means that they are striving hard to produce good results.

    • Fee structure

    A coaching center charging high fees doesn’t always mean that it’s good. Check out the fee structure and see if they allow payments in installments. Make sure that they are offering flexible payment options.

    • Faculty and teaching staff

    Do your research about the teaching faculty and check whether they have a good experience and promising knowledge of civil services. It helps to improve your studying process better.

    • Study materials availability

    A good coaching centre must provide you with extensive study materials covering every topic on the syllabus. It should enlighten students about current affairs, important civil happenings in the country, and much more.

    • Conduction of mock test series

    Finally, a reliable coaching centre would allow you to appear for the real exam by conducting several mock tests and interviews. You should get unbiased feedback from the faculty so that you can improve and perform better.


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    Special talk with the
    Director of PD Gurukul

    In this video Prateesh raj, Director of PD Gurukul is talking about the various aspect of UPSC/GPSC examination and various queries and concerns of the aspirants. Please go through the video to know about the in depth information about UPSC/GPSC.

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    What is IAS/UPSC exam?

    An aspirant is most welcome to visit PD Gurukul anytime for the details of this exam. Apart from this, here also the basic information regarding this examination is being provided.

    What is GPSC exam?

    An aspirant is most welcome to visit PD Gurukul anytime for the details of this exam. Apart from this, here also the basic information regarding this examination is being provided.

    Topper’s Success Tips

    Swapneel Paul (IAS Officer)

    Swapneel Paul (IAS Officer)

    “IAS is not a tough exam , it is a “different” exam. Understanding this exam is the key to success in this exam. With concept clarity, daily revision, writing practise UPSC can be cleared easily.”

    Sarang Chauhan (Assistant Commissioner, CRPF)

    Sarang Chauhan (Assistant Commissioner, CRPF)

    “UPSC exam requires a different approach. With regular practise, answer writing preparation and updated current affairs this examination can easily be cracked.”

    Janam Thakore (Deputy Collector)

    Janam Thakore (Deputy Collector)

    “Hi, UPSC is the most prestigious exam of the country and clearing this exam requires focussed attitude, smart preparation and balance among studies and other things.”

    Harsh Vardhan (IRAS Officer Class 1)

    Harsh Vardhan (IRAS Officer Class 1)

    “IAS exam requires few mandatory things. First, Regular studies then concept clarity. Second answer writing practise is must. And above all Perseverance. Thank you.”

    Our Courses


    Duration: 1 Year


    • Full completion of Syllabus in 1 year time.
    • Full Study material with 1 year current affairs.
    • Full prelims Test series and Mains Test Series for 1 year.
    • Full Interview Preparation.


    Duration: 2 Year


    • Full completion of Syllabus in 1 year time followed by complete revision for the next 1 year. It makes students preparation very solid.
    • Full Study material with 2 years current affairs.
    • Full prelims Test series and Mains Test Series for 2 years so that student knows exactly how the questions are asked.
    • Full Interview Preparation.


    Duration: Till the time candidate is selected (Unlimited).


    • Full completion of Syllabus in 1 year time followed by continuous revision till the time candidate is selected. It makes students preparation very solid.
    • Full Study material with unlimited current affairs.
    • Full prelims Test series and Mains Test Series for unlimited time so that students know the exact exam pattern.
    • Full Interview Preparation.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What are the civil services? How to get into civil services of India?

    Civil Services are jobs like  IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc. directly related to public service and are widely considered prestigious in India. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts Civil Service Exams for Central Government job vacancies.

    What is the educational qualification needed to appear in IAS exam?

    Any degree (graduation).  It may be regular or distant. The candidate must hold a degree of any of Universities incorporated by an Act of the Central or State Legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University Under Section-3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification.

    What is the structure of UPSC Civil Service Prelims Exam? (2015 Pattern)

    Prelims exam is objective in nature. There will be two papers – 200 marks each. Paper 1 is related to General Studies and Paper 2 is related to Mental Ability and Aptitude. For selection to the main exam, only marks of Paper 1 will be counted, provided the candidate has 33 percent marks in Paper 2.

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